Jolana Production dates and serial numbers

- for those of you seeking more information, here's the link to the full list of all Jolana models, including those we don't have on the site, with production dates and serial numbers.

Jolana was one of the most widespread brands in Europe, but still it's not really famous. Futurama guitars, imported by Selmer, were popular in UK in the beginning of the 60's and were used by George Harrisson, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton among others. But, as the time went by, Czech guitar quality went down and Jolanas were marketed mainly in the countries of the "Eastern Block" - behind the Iron Curtain. It is reported the company was closed in 1989, but we have a '1991 RK bass on our site which means at least some facilities were functioning in the beginning of the nineties.

Czechoslovakian guitar production is the most documented among all the Eastern-Europe cheesy stuff. A couple of articles by Dusan Palka, Jiri Tutter and others were already written before www.cheesyguitars.com appeared in 2001. But still, we're happy to introduce the almost full listing of all Czech-made instruments. Currently about 90% of the Jolana production is covered. Many of the pictures show non-stock (modified) instuments, so if you have better pictures, please contact us and we'll update the site.

Resonet Akord lap steel
Resonet Arioso lap steel
Resonet Arco electric upright bass
Jolana Chord
Resonet Gracioso (Futurama)
1959-1963 Star III (Futurama III)
Star (Futurama II)
1963 Futurama III (Star II)
Jolana Basso V
Jolana Neoton
Jolana Marina
Jolana Basora
Jolana Alexandra
Jolana Alexis I bass
Jolana Alexis II bass
Jolana Basso IV
Jolana Pedro bass
Jolana Tajfun bass
Jolana Typhoon II bass
Jolana Star VII
Jolana Sirius
Jolana Star - unidentified
Jolana Big Beat
Jolana Hurricane
Jolana Diskant
Jolana Alfa
Jolana Star IX
Jolana Basso IX
Jolana Basso X
Jolana Tornado
Jolana Tornado with original bag
Jolana Pampero
Jolana Graziela special II
Jolana Special
Jolana Rubin
Jolana Rubin bass
Jolana Kolor
Jolana Kolor bass
Jolana Studio
Jolana Studio bass
Jolana Diamant - a well-known Les-Paul copy
Jolana Diamant bass
Jolana Onyx
Jolana Vikomt
Jolana Vikomt bass
Jolana Iris
Jolana Iris bass
Jolana Altro
Superstar guitar
Superstar bass + manual
Superstar bass fretless
Jolana Disco guitar
Jolana Disco bass
Jolana Galaxis guitar
Jolana Galaxis bass
Jolana Jantar
Jolana Jantar bass
Jolana D bass
Jolana Strat
Jolana Proxima guitar
Jolana Proxima bass
Jolana RK120
Jolana RK140
Jolana RK bass, 1991.

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