Made in Cremona Luby, Czechoslovakia, Lignatone guitars are not as celebrated as Jolana but it still had some precence on the "communist" market. Lignatone mainly made acoustic instruments of (may I say) conservative design.

Vladimir Zak from jolana.info says Lignatone is the name of the export company, and the guitar itself has no name (?!). Even if the guitar has no official name it should be nicknamed "Lignatone" and we will refer to it as "Lignatone".

The owner's story:
Recently I've found this instrument at a flea market, the neck was not glued so the price was around $10. After some cleaning I was surprised to find out it was made by Lignatone. Some time ago I've seen a 12 string acoustic by Lignatone and it impressed me with its' quality, so I decided to repair this instrument.

After I glued the neck and did some minor repairs the guitar looked like on these photos. The pickup's shell looks very similar to (Jolana's) "Diamant" and was probably added by the owner. The pickup is handmade and the control plate is also non original.

Unfortunately, the neck has no truss rod and it's seriously bent, but the instrument's sound is deep and pleasing. The body is made of plywood, the neck is maple with rosewood fingerboard. The headstock has an ebony overlay and plastic inserts.
At the moment the guitar is in the process of trussrod installation.

More pictures of the guitar:
Whole guitar

Credits: Michael Koltuchov, Ukraine -

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