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Article Author Description Language
Soviet pickups and wiring Cheesy Guitars Soviet pickups' manufacturers, Soviet guitar wiring. English
Electric guitar production in USSR Cheesy Guitars History and locations, future and past. English
Stealth pickups Jamie Chivers Hotrodding Soviet pickups without making any irreversible modification of those hard-to-find original Soviet components. English
A brief introduction to the wonderful world of cow magnets. Jamie Chivers Building your own pickup using COW magnets. English
Jolana Graziela Special II repair Jamie Chivers An exiting process of bringing a smurfed and abused vintage Jolana back to the original condition. English
Electric guitars and basses from Poland Ivan alias LordBizarre Electric guitars and basses from Poland at “Lordbizarre’s electric guitar and amp museum“ Leuven, Belgium, Europe. English
The Story of Czech electric guitar production Cheesyguitars Our attempt to reconstruct the history of electric guitar production in Czechoslovakia. English
Guitar production in Czech (Czechoslovakia) Dusan Palka Brief story of Czech electric guitar production - from the very beginning till the end of the communist era English
Russian guitar makers Iouri Dmitrievski An article about the guitar industry in USSR. It partly explains why they were making such bad instruments. English
From Tonica to Musima Andrei Nedvetsky The market of electric musical instruments in USSR in 1975 Russian
Jolana Serial numbers Cheesy Guitars Our attempt to categorize Jolana serials and chronology. English
Article Author Description Language

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