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Do you own a cheesy guitar? Do you want to share your experience with the world? This whole site is not somebody's private collection - we receive pictures and stories from all over the world, this is how our project develops.

Don't hesitate to contact us. The only rule is - your guitar must be cheesy. We do get tons of emails from proud vintage Gibson owners, but that's not exactly what we're going to put on the site.


A place to discuss things. Ask questions, sell cheesy guitars for big bucks and so on. If you have information about cheesy guitars you'd like us to put on the site, you can use the email to send us stories and pictures.

If you want to send us email using your default email program (s.a. Outlook Express) - click the address below!



1. Keep in mind - we get about 50-100 email every day. 95% of them is, of course, spam. We have a very brutal spam filter on this address, so if you send a letter make sure it doesn't look like a viagra or rolex advertisement, the subject is not "hey, dude" etc.
2. Some of your emails still may be vanished in a spam filter. We answer every letter, so if you didn't get the answer - don't hesitate to email again.
3. We credit everyone who sends pictures or other info. Don't forget to include your name (or whatever you want to appear in the "credits") in the email so we'll credit you properly.
4. We've put a limit of 10MB on the letter size. Please don't send unreasonably big pictures.
5. Due to the amount of letters we get and due to the fact we don't have all the time in the world to update the site please don't expect us to put your guitar on the site the following day.

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