These are the links to some online resources that might be useful if you're interested in the whole issue of underrated vintage instruments. If you think you have seen a website that might fit this list, drop us a line and we'll add it.

Cheesy musical instruments
Site Description Language
Lordbizarre.com Lordbizarre's electric online guitar and amp museum - parental advisory! English
Junk Guitars A similar site dedicated to cheesy Harmony, Teisco and other guitars. Maintained by the man who invented the name for our site. English
Jolana A Czech site about Jolana. Wish I could read Czech! Still the pictures alone are priceless. Czech
GuitarAge.nl Crazy European and Japanese guitars, most of them for sale. English
Russian Keyboards A very good site about Soviet keyboards, synths and other electronic stuff. English/Russian
Soviet Guitars Soviet Guitars (previously Gudok) - Russian collectors of Soviet guitars. The best site on the subject - if you read Russian. Russian
Fetish guitars Well-designed site about Italian and other European vintage guitars. English/Italiano
Mine Gitarer A private guitar collection, featuring some vintage cheese. German
Egmond Dutch made Egmond Guitars
sovietguitar A site about Soviet guitars Russian
wietsesguitars.nl A private guitar collection Dutch
Vermona keyboards Another communist brand from Democratic Germany. Deutch/English
Musical instruments' manufacturers and sale
Site Description Language
Studio 1525 Online guitar shop that used to sell Soviet guitars in USA English
LeL Russian company still making those cheesy stompboxes! Russian
ebay.de Just type your search (like "Russian/Czech guitar") and get dozens of cheesy instruments. This is the plase where cheesy guitars are being sold. English
Jolana Currently Jolana brand is owned byNBE and they produce several refined historical guitar designs. Czech
More related sites
Site Description Language
Gudok An online ezine made by Russian virtuoso Violet Ponosov, covering wide range of guitar-related topics. Featuring sound samples of Soviet guitars. Upgraded to sovietguitars.com in 2006. Russian
Raduga A Soviet school band "Raduga" (Rainbow) that started in the seventies and still plays! If you don't read Russian you can still check out the pictures of Russian schoolboys playing home-made electrics. Russian
Czech guitars Information about Guitar production in Czechoslovakia Czech
Kolekcja Online collection of guitars, the collector's name is Krzysztof Wawer, who lives in Wroclaw. The page is in Polish but there's almost no text. Polish
Palka.com Dusan Palka comes from Czechoslovakia and currently lives in USA. He's got a collection of rare vintage guitars you can see on his site (incl. Futurama/Gracioso). English
History of Jolana company Guitar production in Czechoslovakia. The article written by Dusan Palka (see the link above). English
guitars.ru The best Russian guitar portal, featuring (among the rest) different materials and pictures of Soviet, Czech and DDR-made instruments, as well as some naked girls with guitars. Russian
Kniha Information about Guitar production in Czechoslovakia Czech
History of Jolana company Information about guitar production in Czechoslovakia. Czech
Futurama story A Hofner tribute site also featuring a large section about Futurama/Gracioso guitar. English

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