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We strongly advice to post your buy/sell questions at the forum instead of sending the material to cheesyguitars to be placed on this page.

This page appeared on demand. Our site never was a commercial structure, but since there are so many of you who want to own a part of the history, we feel it's important to help. We don't sell guitars ouselves, but we can provide links to those who sell and those who want to buy.

Wanna sell your URAL? Looking for a Jolana Iris neck? Send us a letter with an ad you want to put here and your contact information.

Note: we will publish only ads that have a relationship with the site's main direction. No '59 LP Sunbursts!


1. Studio 1525 - Located in USA, by now it's the only official dealer importing old guitars from Russia an Europe. They sell stuff mainly on ebay, but you can contact them and ask if they have the item you're looking for.

2. Guitars.ru - the best Russian guitar site. It's not in English, but you can try to reach the forums where people sell and buy numerous Urals, Jolanas etc.

If you're selling something or looking for something - you can post at
Chesyguitars' Forum - A place to discuss things. Ask questions, sell cheesy guitars for big bucks and so on.

For sale:

Jolana Superstar

Check out this mint guitar - it's for sale.
Jolana Superstar. Waldi Weiz (Berlin) - www.weiz.de

Kremona Flying V

Martin Ivanov, Bulgaria http://storm-blast.hit.bg; acid_martin@yahoo.com
Kremona Flying V.

Leningrad hollowbody

This rare instrument is for sale; the owner dwells in St.Petersburg so a delivery might be a problem. If you want to contact him send us a letter and we'll forward it.
Leningrad Hollowbody.

Jolana Galaxis

I own a Jolana Galaxis- and it is also my first guitar. so if you want some photos or something, write back and i will send some to you.
(if you want to conatact Stephan, contact Cheesy Guitars and we'll forward the letter)


I desperately need and old Victoria electric guitar, Japanese import from the 60's. They are jazzmaster shaped body with these wacky coffin shaped pickups. Will take any condition.
Michael Holley, 310-275-2401

Guitars with switches/studio stuff
I found your site while looking for buyng an analogue tape delay. I'm just curious since I'm also looking for some artifacts to have in my studios in Stockholm... Do you have a cool guitar with lots of switches for sale? Like the Formanta or SoloII??? The double-neck with guitar/bass was cool too ;).
Have a nice weekend,
Niklas Nelldal
USSR bass
I want a old 60's made in USSR Electric Bass !! Really want a Tonika, but anything will do !!!!!!!
Jimmy Lloyd Rea
Jolana Tornado tremolo
I need the bigsby-like tremelo bar for my Jolana Tornado. If anyone has any info on it please e-mail me at
Cheesy upright/semiacoustic basses

I am searching for cheesy electric upright basses, for example Herrnsdorf (ex-GDR) or other unknown brand names. Furthermore I would be interested in big semi-acoustic basses (cheesy!).
Please contact: schlosser.frank@web.de
Thank's a lot, best regards, Frank

Tonika bass

Dear Sir,
Can you help me with any suggestion about where I could purchase a Tonika bass guitar. I checked ebay and some russian sites but got stranded for not speaking russian. Thanks.
Rob Zimmermann
(if you want to contact Rob, send leter to Cheesy guitars and we'll forward it to mr.Zimmerman)

Anyway, if you're looking to buy a cheesy guitar the first place you have to check must be the ebay.com - try to search for "russian guitar" or "jolana". And, of course, don't forget - there are normal guitars too, and they sound and play even better!

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