Jolana Superstar

For sale! This guitar was sent to us recently by Waldi Weiz (Berlin) - www.weiz.de. It is in original shape and the owner wants to sell it.

Superstar model was produced after 1979 (1978?) in Krnov. It was quite heavy and massive but overall a successfull instrument. Designed after Peavey T60 the guitar featured new humbucking pickups which later appeared on numerous 80's models, s.a. Galaxis. The guitar was sold with a maching hardshell case. Avaliable finishes included natural (shown), sunburst, silver and gold. A Superstar bass' production started together with the guitar, and the fretless version of the Superstar bass was issued a year later.

This sunburst Superstar belongs to Tom, he is looking for originalset of Jolana knobs to replace the non-originals that came with his guitar. If you have them you may contact cheesyguitars.

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