Our guitar list is constantly growing - thanks to the guitars' owners sending us stories and pictures from all over the world. We were urged to divide the list into sub-categories because it was too big for one page, so if you're looking for Jolana guitar click on Czechoslovakia category, and so on.

If you have a guitar that worth mentioning here, feel free to contact us and we'll publish your material on the site.
Recently we've been receiving numerous letters from people having rare vintage guitars worth lots of $$$.

Once again: this site is dedicated to really bad guitars. The price on any of the axes shown here may vary from $10 to $200, and you are strongly adviced not to buy them - unless you're a bizzaria collector.

We will also not include brands such as Teisco, Egmond, Hagstrom and several others because of the reason they're already covered with numerous publications in guitar magasines and internet sites (see some links on our site).

We're trying to fill the gap and put the information about guitars you won't find information about - mainly Soviet, Czech, Polish and other Eastern - Europe stuff.

. Guitars' list
. Unidentified instruments
The most important category - take a look and help us identify those guitars!
.Nonames, Handmades and upgrades
Handmade instruments, hotrodded and customized guitars and artwork.
.Made in U.S.S.R.
Tonika, Ural, Aelita, Solo, Roden, Formanta and others.
.Made in Czechoslovakia
Jolana/Resonet, Lignatone and AXA guitars.
.Made in Bulgaria
Orfeus and Kremona
.Made in Germany
Musima, Marma, Meinel und Herold, Migma and other brands starting with "M".
.Made in Poland
Defil brand - Julia, Romeo, Jola, Samba, Melodia, Baston, Orlik, Rytm, Aster, Echo and others.
.Made in Hungary
Moni guitars and basses
.Made in Romania
Romanian Hora guitars
.Not related to Communism but still cheesy:
Terminator: a shortscale with built-in speaker, made in Korea
Noso, made in Finland
Famos Venlonia, made in Netherlands

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