Bulgarian Orfeus was yet another cheesy communist brand. Their instruments featured low quality parts and not particulary impressive sounds, but they always looked cool. Orfeuses sometimes featured very original and elaborative paint jobs, unlike any other East-European brand.

Unfortunately, we don't know much about the Orfeus company and its' history, and many models are unidentified.

Kremona was well known for its acoustic instruments, but it produced several electrics as well. Also, very little is known about it.

The funny part of the Bulgarian history is the fact that "Gibson" was used as a model name by both Orfeus and Kremona. Surprisingly, Bulgarian Gipsons and Djipsons were not copies of American Gibsons.

Orfeus "Rocket" bass
Orfeus violin-shaped bass
Orfeus violin bass (McCartney's Hofner copy)
Orfeus XII-string
Orfeus Hebros bass
Orfeus (Hebros?) guitar
Orfeus (model name unknown) guitar
Orfeus (model name unknown) bass
Orfeus Gipson
Orfeus - model unknown
Orfeus - model unknown
Orfeus - model unknown
Orfeus XII string, model unknown
Orfeus Telecaster Thinline copy
Orfeus Precision type bass
Orfeus Solo
Kremona Gibson bass
Kremona Flying V

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