Orfeus (model unidentified)

A very cheesy instrument from Lordbizarre's Electric Guitar and Amp Museum. This is Orfeus, made in Bulgary. The bridge is made of some plastic and at that right place all the string getting oxidated and after a few months they just snap!

This is an original design, with double bindings arround the body. This guitar has a peculiar vibrato: each time you have to change a string you need to strap the vibrato handle to the body otherwise the vibrato snaps all the other strings and lifts the protective vibrato plate off the body!

Since a while the pickguard tents to crack in very strange ways and it gives out a sort of oil (and fumes I suppose...?...) that attacks the pu's, pot-knobs and even the strings (new strings from 2 years ago)! As you can see on an earlier pic : the pickguard was still in good shape!

Also notice the "ebonised" fretboard (as on many Orfeuses).

Ivan alias Lordbizarre
"Lordbizarre's electric guitar and amp museum"

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