Orfeus Telecaster copy

This is a very "budget" Telecaster Thinline copy. It has a completely hollw body, with plywood top and bottom, on a wooden skeleton (as Danelectro did). For body strenght a light weighted wooden block is used to support the pu's and bridge. Bridge and stoptail in one piece, covered with a protective chromed cover. Unlike some basses the cover has an opening at the back for string replacement. Two vol. and a tone pot are used, with a DIN-output plug sideways. The pu's are very large (Gibson P-94 copied ?) but very weak. The pu value differs from 4,2 -to 4,5 kOhm, and each pu has 5 magnets inside.

This Tele copy has the f-hole differently at the lower side of the body. On the back of the headstock a serial number is printed. The fretboard is (as on almost every Orfeus) "ebonised" and painted black. The neck is a bolt-on.

As on many Orfeus's they used (here for pu's fixation) some sort of plastic or plexi. BUT this material gives out some sort of oil (and fumes I suppose) hat attacs the metal parts (here the pu housings). I've the same problem with the pickguard (see red unknown model) and an acoustic Jumbo guitar where the strings snap(and corrode) on the plexi bridge.

Pickups + bridge
Body back
Headstock front and back

Ivan alias Lordbizarre
"Lordbizarre's electric guitar and amp museum"
Rock ! electric guitar and amplifier repair
Leuven, Belgium, Europe

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