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This project is powered up by people who love ugly and unplayable guitars. This might be called "preversion", but we don't hesitate. Cheesy guitars rule!
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All the guitar reviews published on the site are written by people who actually own or play or know something about the instrument. We don't copy reviews from other places, although we use other sites sometimes to get technical details and pictures. If you have some information that can be listed here - photos, stories, guitar specifications - contact us and we'll put your stuff here.
If you've sent us something but we didn't reply - don't hesitate to contact us once again - we're overloaded with spam and some letters don't get through.

A couple of words from the site's creators:

This project started as a tribute to some of our childhood memories - cheesy guitars were what we started playing when we were kids. Surprisingly, numerous people all over the world needed information on these instruments, so little by litle the CheesyGuitars site turned into a largest database on the www providing info on those unplayable guitars.

Another important aspect of cheesy guitars is their appeal. Don't you just love the way Tonika looks? Some cheesy instruments feature design you won't see anywhere else; there are people looking for "guitar porn" - and saving pictures of the most weird-looking guitars on their hard drives. The Handmade guitars category was raised to satisfy this kind of perversion.

Instruments listed on our site come from behind the Iron Curtain, and at some point we wanted to call the site "Communist Guitars", but there were rumours some people would freak out just hearing these words. So we stayed with the original name, Cheesy Guitars, which was given by Big Beat, who is constantly helping the site.
We work hard to assemble the list of all the Soviet, Czech and Polish guitar production just because there's no other resource on the net attempting to do that. We don't list Egmond, Teisco, Hagstrom and several other brands because there are other resources on the www dedicated to those instruments. Needless to say we don't make money out of this (although we'd love to).

Credits and thanks:
We removed list of our contributors from this page because it became unreasonably long. Contributors' names listed next to the instruments.

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