This page features several types of instruments that don't fit in any other category. First - the handmade guitars, arguably the craziest instruments you're likely to see. Don't forget these are not your boring and practical mass production designs, each of these masterpieces is actually a dream guitar of its' creator.

Refinished and upgraded instruments are something that collectors hate to see, but it's a class on its own. Most of the cheesy upgrades are actually a sort of guitar abuse, some of those upgrades are so painfully ugly we simply had to show them here.

A couple of instruments on this page are professionally hotrodded or repaired guitars, they look and play much better than any other instrument from this site. We still put them here because they are based on our beloved ugly and cheesy logs.

The last group of instruments here is different kinds of artwork utilizing Jolanas, Musimas and other cheesy guitars.

.Crazy Handmades
1969 Handmade Lordbizzare's guitar from Belgium
Vessel guitar
Soviet bass
Handmade bass guitar from Germany
Soviet seven string acoustic conversion to bass
Handmade guitar utilizing Defil parts
Handmade guitar
Handmade in USSR, 70's
Handmade doubleneck from Ukraine
.Hotrodded, redesigned and abused
Hotrodded Ural (made in USSR)
Upgraded Ural (made in USSR)
Upgraded Ural bass (made in USSR)
Musima Record neck with solid body (made in USSR)
Hotrodded Formanta/Solo (made in USSR)
Hotrodded Solo II (made in USSR)
Musima Inferna Deluxe
Handmade guitar with Jolana parts
Jolana Alfa refiished - don't try this at home!!!
Poor upgraded Musima
Orfeus Precision bass
.Professional Repairs and experiments by Jamie Chivers
Ural V8 (made in USA)
Jolana Star (VII?)
Formanta (made in USA)
Aelita clone (made in USA)
Roden-T guitar (made in USA)
Jolana Graziela Special II
BAS (aka Kavkaz)
Ural guitar
Musima Elgita
Electroacoustic machine #1 (Self-playing Jolana Disko bass)
Electroacoustic machine #2 (Self-playing Solo II guitar)
Custom paint job on Musima Semiacoustic bass

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