Musima Inferna Deluxe

I restored my Musima Eterna Deluxe. It took me about 3 months. I was given only two "pieces of wood", the body and the neck. They were in a horrible state and I did the impossible. Of course from the old Musima only the outlines were left.

You can see the masterpiece here.

I spent on everything around 360$.

Everything began with my friend giving me the neck and body, as the fuel for a fire at the Summer Solstice Day. I didn't know what to do with them, but my conscious didn't let me throw away a classic. At that time I was working at a factory that made ventilation systems, and that actually helped me out a lot, since at the moment the idea came to me, I wasn't quite doing there what I was supposed to be, and designer ideas were sprouting out of my head here and there. I decided to start reviving Musima. I've had enough work materials and equipment there, plus I searched around in the web for information about restoring guitars. I started with cleaning the body and covered it in wood putty (on the photos it already cleaned from paint)

Cleaned the neck, replaced some frets and painted it.

I cut from stainless steel a panel for the head and placed the tune keys in their spots.

I cut out of an aluminum sheet the panel for the front

I've colored the aluminum front panel and cut out another panel with the word "HELL", because I wanted the guitar to look as brutal as possible.

Then I colored the body.

The hardest part was buying the electronics and accesories for the guitar. And put everything together.

In the end it came out better than I expected and all that was left to do was the wiring. After the wiring the guitar no longer looked and sounded like a CheesyGuitar.

That was the rise of Musima Inferna Deluxe...

The text, the pictures and the repairs by Lestat

And here's the original Musima Eterna electric guitar, made in DDR in the 70's.
Musima Eterna

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