Musima 1657B bass with custom paint job.

This semihollow bass was made by Musima in the 60's and 70's. It features two Musima pickups, master volume and tone controls, carved laminated top (maple and pine), rosewood neck (800mm short scale) and binded body and neck. The f-holes are also binded. Sunburst finish was the only available option.

The photos were sent to us by Danila from Moscow, who constantly works on upgrading this bass. On the first picture the bass is already not in original condition - the neck pu's location is changed to be more "J"-like. The tuners are not original, and the electronics were also modified (notice only one volume knob).

The second picture captures exiting moment when the bass was painted. Danila states that he still uses the instrument and adds that "if you record it direct while picking up the sound with a good microphone, it sounds like an upright with frets." I have a bit of a problem to understand what exactly this sentence means, but who cares!

Danila, Moscow.

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