Ural electric guitar - a real hotrod!

Nowadays Urals are very cheap - you can afford one for less than $50 (if you live in Russia). That's the reason so many young musicians play them. The problem is - there still are many musicians who think they can upgrade guitar's hardware and make it sound better. Well, it probably does sounds better. Here we see a heavily upgraded Ural. The owner probably loved it. It looks very cool, the pickups were replaced with some humbuckers (the bridge one supposed to be angled, but it's not), and even one tuner was replaced. A nice oval plate covering the now useless hole from the middle pickup - a cool trick! The fireglo finish seems to be original. One may wonder how the controls work now and if all the knobs and pots still function.

It is funny, but if you browse pages of young Russian bands at free hosting sites (s.a. narod.ru) there are always "gear" pages mentioning different "Urals w/Dimarzio humbuckers and a Floyd rose". How cool should that be! Unfortunately, untill now I've seen no pictures of upgraded Urals except for this one.

Studio 1525 (the ebay seller)

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