Musima 1657 Semihollow guitar

1657 Guitar was produced by Musima in the late 60's and during the 70's. Originally it featured two pickups (thre ones on the picture are non-original), a long tremolo bar, a different (only height-adjustable) bridge and three control knobs in line. Slightly curved top is made of laminated pine and maple, the neck has a rosewood fretboard.

1657 was a lower end of Musima's semihollow line, but still there was no reason to abuse the guitar like this. Please don't try to modify vintage guitars if you're not experienced! Not only the owner was probably not satisfied with his upgrades (many "new" parts were removed) but the guitar also lost it's value and became unrepairable. If you really want to put a humbucker in the middle position to be able to play Korn with something like 1657, you may at least consult at our forums before it will be too late.

A close relative of 1657 guitar is 1657 B bass. You can see the 1657 in 1973 Musima catalogue together with other models made in the 70's.


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