Handmade guitar

This instrument was created in USSR somewhere in the 70's.
It is obviously industrially made - but not at guitar factory. The wooden parts exhibit professional job: no wooden or glued joints were used, everything is fixed with steel nuts and bolts. There are clearly visible file marks, a thick wooden block is placed under the bridge.

The neck has no truss rod. The bridge is made of stainless steel, with welding traces on the dark side. All the rotating parts utilize bearings.

The scratchplate is cut out of a sheet of transparent plexiglass and painted black from the inner side (similar method was used on some factory-made Soviet guitars too, see Solo II). The switches are regular electric switches put into a plastic frame. The knobs (switches' levers) are carved from stainless steel. The tuners' remaints look like they belonged to Ural one day. The pickups are from a shop, dated 1974 (yes, there were replacement guitar and bass pickups is music shops in USSR).

The current owner received it as a present in this condition so it's hard to say which parts are original and how good the guitar played.

Despite the fact it looks sick and the pseudo-sunburst finish is cheesy we must understand how the guitar was made. The only pre-manufactured parts are the tuners and the pickups, all the rest is handmade from scratch.

The guitar courtsey of Scshecoldin Dmitriy Alexandrovich, Moscow, Russia.

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