Kremona Gibson bass

The name of this model sounds pretty stupid, but yes, it was called "Gibson". Actually, it is "Djipson bass", you can see the model name stamped in Cyrillic letters in the manual. You might think it is another Hofner McCartney knock-off, but the truth is that the very first Gibson electric basses were violin-shaped, and Kremona probably copied one of them.

This bass together with the description came from Ukraine:

This Kremona was one of the most popular models of bass guitar during the 70's in Ukraine. The bass is small, with shortscale (780 vs. regular 860!) beech neck and also small string spacing. The body is made of three-ply plywood. Two weak pickups are connected in parallel with pahse inversion (jazzbass scheme). Each pickup has its own volume control. The third knob - tone - is only capable of filtering the hi-frequency noise.

The bass is a little better than his close relative - the Orfeus' Hofner clone - people often mix those two because of their similar body shapes, but their construction and electronics are quite different.

The bass pictured here was modified - original pickups replaced with upgraded Ural's, the tuners also replaced with Sverdlovsk - made tuning machines. Original tuners were similar to the Orfeus', with white plastic heads.

All the modifications helped this bass and it's capable of producing classic cheesy 60's sound. Playability is worse than average.

Mikhail Koltukhov, Ukraine

1984 Kremona Gibson

Here are some pictures from ebay. The bass is mint and the manual is also included. The seller states it's a real NOS - the bass was stored all these years and was not played. The manual is in Russian - Kremona guitars were imported to USSR. One interesting detail - the serial number of the instrument is 17, as written in the manual. No idea what this should indicate.

ebay seller - ussrepoch

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