Ural model 510L bass guitar

While the whole world played Precision and Jazz, Soviet Union had its own bass for everyone. It was Ural. Ural was produced in huge quantities and was actually the most common bass in USSR. You can still find one for the price under $100 if you'll go to Russia. There was also a guitar - Ural, which was even more popular. Urals were heavy, they had small neck radius, high action and they had a very bad sound. But they were unbreakable. You could drop it, you might want to smash it against the wall - nothing would ever happen to this guitar.

Ural guitars and basses were made at Ural plant at Sverdlovsk, Russian Federation. The bass was named "model 510L" while guitar was named "model 650". Body shape - single cut, LP type (not like the guitar). Pickups were made at the same plant. The bass had two single coils with white plastic covers. Controls: volume, tone1 - high frequencies, tone2 - low frequencies. There's also a small panel with three buttons. These buttons responcible for switching pickups on and off plus some tone variations. The bolt-on neck is not wide but its radius is very small. "Ural" logo is printed on the headstock, there's also a triangle string tree plate. The headstock is almost parallel to the neck. Tuning machines are just like on all the Soviet basses.
The bass sounds low, but not like bass, it's just low. You can describe as McCartney somewhere from 1964 heard through an radio with 2" speaker.

Dima in 1988-89 with Ural bass.
(just look at that couple on the background!!!)

Dima, Russia (pictured)
Studio 1525, USA

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