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    A short overview

    The production of electric guitars in USSR started in Leningrad by the end of the '60 with the introduction of Tonika, arguably the worst electric guitar in existence. In a couple of years the design was improved and in the 70's the production moved to Sverdlovsk ("Ural"), Rostov ("Kavkaz") and Ordjonikidze ("Kavkaz"). After discontinuing Tonika each of the plants developed a few of their own models which were made for years untill the desintegration of USSR. Several additional plants were converted to electric guitar production, and by the beginning of the '80-s there were at least 10 factories with electric guitar production line in addition to their main profile (keyboards, acoustic instruments, electronics etc.)

    The known (to CG) electric guitar manufacturers were:
    1. Lunacharsky factory of Folk Musical Instruments, Leningrad. [Russia]
    2. Moscow Experimental Factory of Musical Instruments. [Russia]
    3. Sverdlovsk factory of keyboard musical instruments "Ural" [Russia]
    4. "Kavkaz" - Rostov-on-Don factory of keyboard instruments. [Russia]
    5. "Kavkaz" - Ordjonikidze factory of musical instruments. [Russia]
    6. Elta, Eletz [Russia]
    7. Belorussian factory of musical instruments, Borisov. [Belorussia]
    8. Lvov experimental factory of folk musical instruments. [Ukraine]
    9. Odessa factory of musical instruments [Ukraine]
    10. Erevan factory [Armenia].

    Pictures of Russian kids proudly showing Soviet axes, taken from kobzer.narod.ru
    The 12-string is unidentified.

    .Lunacharski Factory of Folk Musical Instruments, Leningrad
    Tonika - the first Sovet solidbody guitar
    Semihollow guitar
    Another semihollow guitar - original military green sunburst color
    Maria solo - six string
    Maria Rhythm - 12 string
    Maria bass
    .Moscow Experimental Factory of Musical Instruments
    Lap steel (Hawaian guitar)
    Elgava guitar
    Roden bass
    .Sverdlovsk factory of keyboard musical instruments "Ural"
    Tonika model EGS-650
    Ural Model 650
    Hotrodded Model 650 (Ural)
    Ural Model 510L
    ."Kavkaz" - Rostov-on-Don factory of keyboard instruments Rostov-Don
    Tonika Model EGS-650
    Tonika bass (Rostov)
    Aelita 1
    Bas (aka "Kavkaz")
    Aelita 2
    Bas 2
    Manual for all Rostov-made instruments.
    ."Kavkaz" - Ordjonikidze factory of musical instruments
    Tonika Model EGS-650
    Aelita, Ordjonikidze
    Bas, Ordjokinidze ("Kavkaz")
    .Elta, Eletz
    Solo EGS-650
    Solo EGSR-650
    Bass EGB-760
    .Belorussian factory of musical instruments, Borisov
    Formanta + manual
    Solo II. Featuring a full original manual
    Bas 1
    .Lvov, Ukraine
    .Zhitomir, Ukraine
    .Erevan, Armenia
    Ani bass
    Electric mandoline
    Doubleneck guitar/bass

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