Maria bass guitar.

This bass guitar was made in Leningrad somewhere in the seventies. Suprisingly the sound not bad at all, although this instrument have plastic or carton body (owner's comments).

The bass was a part of the series which also included six string and 12-string guitars. They all featured symmetric semihollow body (335-style) and factory own pickups.

Factory logo - capital L

The name of the factory (according to the label) is Factory of Folk Musical (picking) Instruments named after Lunacharsky, Leningrad. The instrument bears no model name. Leningrad factory was the only USSR one making hollowbody models. The explaination probably comes from the factory profile - folk picking instruments means balalaikas, domras and maybe even cellos. The technology they used at the place was about making hollowbody acoustic instruments. Leningrad 12-string guitar was the "fanciest" acoustic in the Soviet Union, although it was hardly playable above the first position.

The bass was a part of the series which also included a 12-string and a six string guitars. They all featured symmetric plastic body (335-style) and factory own pickups. The plastic top has two weak glued wooden (spruce) braces. The neck is three-piece beech, with beech fingerboard. The neck joint features five bolts. The truss rod cannot straighten the neck not on the 12-string nor on bass.

Peeter from Tartu, Estonia (owner),
Michael Koltuhov.

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