Bas 2, made in U.S.S.R.

Here are three Bas2's neckplates from different instruments:


Bas 2's pictures from ebay:

Bas 2 was manufactured in 70s-80s at Rostov Na Donu (Rostov on Don) together with Bas, Stella, Aelita 2 and Aelita. It is clear that the bass is a pair of Aelita 2 guitar since body and headstock shapes of both instruments are pretty similar (including a cool string tree design). It is following the "Aelita"-"Bass" pair that was produced earlier at the same factory - with a minor addition of "2" to the names. Unfortunately, Aelita 3 and Bass 3 were never made.
The controls feature one "chickenhead" - style switch to choose between two single-coil pickups and two potentiometers.

body closeup: pay attention to the brilliant bridge construction! Only Danelectro is more complicated...

back and face of the bass. A very original string tree design!

The photos were made with kind permission of mr.Dmitry at "Accord" music shop at Sadovaya street in Rostov. phone +7 8632 409 476.
(this bass is still on sale in 2003!!!)

The bass was recently spotted on ebay with a $199 starting bid. Let us warn you not to pay $199 for this instrument, and if you really want it you will find it for $50 or less at any Russian forum - just post your request. This instrument is not rare although it may be hard to find it dead-mint.
Usefull technical information from
The Manual for all Rostov-made instruments.

Andrei Nedvetsky
ebay seller: kapkeng

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