Stella electric guitar, made in U.S.S.R.

"Stella" guitar, made in the USSR in 1981. Horrible workmanship! Four pickups and a whole bunch of knobs. Laminated body, but not plywood, it's more like butcher block. Covered in some type of carcinogenic, caustic, and otherwise unsavory plastic. This was made in an accordion factory, so the construction methods overlap. The electronics are undecipherable, period. The wiring looks like the inside of a 1950 television. It is a stereo guitar, but the DIN jack was replaced with a standard 1/4" jack, so the balance control doesn't work as it should (yes, I said BALANCE control). The pickups are split coils, and I mean split 3 and 3, so if you hit the right switch, 3 strings are in phase, 3 are out! Just too strange! All pickups work. The bridge has a pop up mute that has no pad, but would likely work with a piece of felt glued on. There's no tremolo arm, and it's probably just as well. The fret work was awful, but I leveled and polished them, so they look great, and it actually made this thing marginally playable. The tuners were the worst excuse for tuners I have ever seen in all my years of repairing guitars. I put a BRAND NEW set of Grover Minis on last week though. Now, the headstock is WARPED. It's a concave shape. Doesn't hurt anything, but it made it so the Grovers won't "seat" fully onto the back of the headstock. Doesn't affect their function at all, and doesn't show unless you're looking for it. Overall, this is a horrible guitar, and I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise, but come on, if you're looking at this auction, you MUST dig weird old guitars like Teiscos, Ekos, stuff like that. And WHEN was the last time you saw a genuine USSR guitar up for bid? The name is in Cyrillic on the headstock, and the neck plate has a ton of fine Cyrillic print. All it needs is a hammer and sickle on it somewhere. It does have a decal on the top of some East German actress, who I haven't been able to identify. Buyer pays actual shipping, probably around $20. I DO have a reserve, but it's only there to cover what I've got into it. I'm cleaning out stuff I don't use, so BID on this jewel!

The text and pictures are taken from ebay - actually they were sent to us by the man who put it there. The text required no edit. enjoy! (as far as we know, the guitar was not sold...)


As far as we know, Stella was manufactured in 70s-80s at Rostov Na Donu (Rostov on Don), USSR, together with Bass ,Bass2 ,Aelita 2 and Aelita. The logo on the headstock says "stella" in Russian, and there's a Russian "R" (looks like "P") letter with some spring next to it (which might as well be Russian "D") - this more likely stands for "Rostov na Donu" plant logo. The same thing appears on Aelita 2's headstock. Between the bridge and the bridge pickup there's a damping device - the yellow stuff on it is glue remaints. A piece of rubber is missing.

headstock back body closeup

headstock with logo

back of the guitar

body closeup

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