Aelita 1
Aelita 1

The black and white photo dates back to 1978, when Aelita 1 was one of the best Soviet electric guitars. The construction and design is pretty similar to Ural.
Aelita was manufactured at Rostov-Na-Donu (Rostov on Don) together with Aelita 2, Stella, Bass, and Bass 2.

The guitar quality is very low. For example, see the neck enlargement photo: to eliminate the sharp frets' ends the neck was painted with a thickest layer of black lacquer which simply covered the frets. That's what we call Soviet Technology!

Approximate specifications:
Body: heavy
Neck: thick
Controls: many
Pickups: 3 single-coils
Action: high
Vibrato: Jaguar/Jazzmaster - style unit
Output jack: 6-pin DIN type (as on all Soviet guitars)

Notice the custom microphone stand manufactured at some plant in Novgorod according to my drawings (the plant's director was my dad's friend).

Usefull technical information from
The Manual for all Rostov-made instruments.

Aelita 1

Andrey Nedvetsky, Russia
Ivan alias "LordBizarre", Belgium

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