Maria Rhythm XII string electric guitar

This guitar was made in Leningrad (currently St. Petersburg), USSR, during the 70-s. It was a part of the Maria series which included a bass and a six-string guitar of the same construction. The guitar does not have a label with a model name, only a factory tag. The factory name is Lunacharsky Factory of Folk Musical (picking) Instruments, Leningrad.

The owner's description:
As you can see, it's a hollow-body type instrument, and (originally) had 12 strings. It's a Russian production, because it has Russian electric parts. Also, it has very wide neck, wich is also pretty soft :)
I've heard from someone, that these guitars were produced my Leningrad Furniture factory or something, and were widely sold on shops, but no-one buyed them.

Michael Koltuhov

This particular guitar was purchased at the flea market for 30 Griven ($6) - (Michael Koltuhov).

This guitar was purchased at a flea market for around 50$ (VA)

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