Leningrad Semihollow electric guitar

A very thin, compact and lightweight semiacoustic guitar made at Lunacharsky factory in Leningrad. The original price was 190 Roubles. The green burst color is stock and it's pretty rare - 99% of Leningrad guitars were sunburst.

Soft painted fingerboard is totally worn out, the body rim bears inventory number - which tells us the guitar was a school instrument. The rosewood bridge has a classic construction and the stamped tailpiece is very weak.
The neck is very thick and has no trussrod. It is attached to the body with three bolts, there's even no neckplate. In attempt to lower the strings someone stuck two steel plates under the neck. The body binding is lost at most places and the top is barely glued to the body. There's a label sticker seen through the F-hole, but an attempt to take a picture of it was unsuccessfull.

Credits: Alexander Skoroletov

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