Elta Bass EGB-760

Relatively rare Soviet bass guitar, model EGB-760. This is a shortscale (760mm) instrument and the model name reflects the string length. The official specifications claim the overall weight to be only 4kg which is very light.

The plant from Eletz produced both electric guitars and basses, with various specifications which seem to be variations of the same design and not different models. There's still no evidence the maker of these guitars is actually Elta since there's no factory name anywhere on these instruments. There's a pinetree logo on the neckplate, and "Eletz" may mean something like "Pine Town".

According to Jamie Chivers who repaired many of the Soviet instruments, Elta is officially the worst quality guitars. Still the price is 170 Roubles which is not less than any other electric bass from USSR. Eltas usually feature low serial numbers and are pretty rare. It probably means the production line was small and almost everything was handmade. You can enjoy the pictures that tell the story better than words, and imagine how exactly looked that drunk monkey with a stone hammer who made this fine instrument.

Ebay seller - ussrepoch

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