Bas ("Kavkaz")

Bas (that is the model name) was made at Ordjonikidze factory of musical instruments. A part of "Kavkaz" musical production union with two factories, one at Rostov na Donu and another at Ordjonikidze, the factory was active since the beginning of guitar production in USSR. The same models were produced at Rostov and at Ordjonikidze approximately untill the end of the 70's. This model was nicknamed "Kavkaz" because you couldn't possible call a bass "Bas".

While Rostov instruments had very nice neckplates, Ordjonikidze had something primordal with only a serial number and sometimes the price stamped on it. Ordjonikidze guitars looked slightly different and, in general, were of a lower quality than the same models made at Rostov. The same model was produced at Rostov but it was a bit different and was a bit better instrument.

Here's the text of the letter we've got with the pictures (of the bass with black scratchplate):

I purchased a bass guitar off of ebay some time ago and I just stumbled along your website. I was wondering if you could tell me what this bass was, if you happen to recognize it. All I was told was that it was made in the USSR some time in the 70's. Also it was said that it was an Ural bass, however when comparing it to the pictures on your site it looks more like a Bass 2, with a few differences. I don't know how much of this guitar is original. I know that the bridge may not be origanal because there are multiple holes suggesting that it was replaced and the previous holes were not botherd with. Also the neck plate looks very much different from any of the ones you have shown. If you know what kind of bass this might be, or might have been originally I would love to find out, just out of pure curiosity, and also when people ask me what in the hell I am playing I can tell them.

-Pete Froehling

Body closeup

The neckplate says it costs 150 roubles. It was about an average monthly wage (140-150 roubles) but still much less than Formanta (230 Roubles). Moscow Roden bass and Elgava guitar both costed 130 R. and Rostov Bas-2 - 145 R.

Pete Froehling
Michael Koltukhov
Ivan alias Lordbizarre

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