Defil guitars are not rare in Europe today, many of them were produced during the "communist" days in Poland.
For detailed information on Defil brand please read the article written by Ivan alias Lordbizarre, a guitar collector from Belgium.

Article about Defil

. Guitars' list
.Made in Poland
Defil Lotos
Defil Samba
Defil Julia
Defil Romeo
Defil Julia 2
Defil Romeo 2
Defil Malwa
Defil Jola
Defil Jola 22
Defil Jola 2
Defil Orlik bass
Defil Jazz T-III
Defil Calypso
Defil Cha Cha
Defil Semihollow bass
Defil Careoca
Defil Jowita
Defil Jowita 12-string
Defil Echo II 12-string
Defil Echo 2 12-string
Defil Rytm 2
Defil Melodia 2
Defil Baston
Another Defil Baston
Pre-Baston bass
Defil Luna 2 bass
Defil Aster - Polish answer to those ugly Gibsons.
Defil Aster Rock
Defil Tosca
Defil Kosmos - Gibson Moderne clone, favourite of communist metal bands.
Early Defil Muza
Defil Muza

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