At the moment, we don't have much information on guitar production in Romania during the "communist" years. The one thing we know is that Romainan guitars are named Hora and the factory still exists. Their production is mainly acoustic guitars but there's also a small line of electrified instruments. One of the most popular Hora models is called Iris and yes, it looks like a Telecaster (or Czechoslovakian Jolana Iris). The funny detail is that Iris model is still being made by Hora but today it's shaped like Stratocaster.

On the bottom of the page http://www.hora.ro/pages/guitars.htm you can see the current Hora production.

Hopefully we will put more information on Romanian guitars soon. Stay tuned!

Hora Iris
Hora Reghin (?)
Hora Savoy
Hora (Iris?) Stratocaster

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