Unidentified guitars are cheesy instruments without a name. Is some cases we know it was produced by a certain brand or in a certain country, but that's all.

These guitars require identification! If you have a similar instrument with a decal, or simply any clue what this thing is - simply contact us and we will update the site.

. Unidentified guitars' list
.Made in U.S.S.R.
Price 180R., pinetree logo.
.Made in DDR (Eastern Germany)
Undefined DDR EKO copy
Undefined DDR hollowbody
Noname semi-acoustic Musima
Musima or Migma
Migma (model unidentified)
.Made in Bulgary
Orfeus - model unknown
Orfeus - model unknown
.Identified as non-communists
Excetro guitar and bass
Burns Nu-Sonic
Custom violin-shaped guitar by Georg Hirsch from Senftenberg (former DDR).

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