A semihollow Migma electric guitar, made in DDR. Model unidentified.

Owner's description:
It is in good condition, reasonable playable and funky sounding. the 4 position switch is puzzling me, because with only 2 pu's 3 positions are possible, normally, i got the idea that the extra position puts the pickups out of phase.
Feels solid, but is lacking a adjustable trussrod, but neverless the chuncky 3 part neck is straight. Would love to see a picture of one complete with scratchplate so i can manufacture one for it. the funniest thing on it is a warning sticker near the output, that reads,

ACHTUNG lebensgefahr! nicht on allstromger?te anschliesen!

complete with lightning symbol, i laughed my head of when seeing this.

Credits: Wietse

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