The story - part one, letter from Germany

Here's another one of my cheap guitars. It's a very poor copy of a Rickenbacker. I found it on the fleemarket and I was impressed by the way the colour finish was removed. I had to buy it. The body is damaged all over it's surface. It looks like somebody had used a hammer or a huge knife. It's a sculpture! I played it only one time on stage and some musicians in the audience asked me if this guitar was treatened by Pete Townsend before.
I'm not sure about the brand - I've seen these guitars (with finish) in a shop before but I can't remember a name plate. Maybe it's some japanese production. The action is not very high and this instrument is easy to play - a good rythm guitar. The neck is glued on the body and there is no adjustment of the pickups. They are bolted on the body. There is a big distance between the pickups and the strings so the guitar is a very quit one. I underlayed the pickups with some plastic material now it sounds richer.
If you ever had played a real Rickenbacker and then tried this one you will get an idea about the endlessness of universe. That's exactly the gap between these two.!

Jet, Germany

The story - part two, letter from USA

I am repairing a metallic blue 4 string Japanese bass identical in shape to the "no-name" copy guitar you have. The peghead shape of your's is the same, so I am fairly sure you have an "Excetro" brand Japenese guitar. Inside the cats-eye soundhole of this bass is a paper label that has Tiesco (Japan) as the manufacturer.
There appears to be the second layer of your pickguard missing, AND the truss rod cover, and the name "Excetro" is printed on these 2 pieces on the bass I am repairing.
I would say with some confidence, that if you were to examine the neck/body joint looking through the sound hole, if it is a horrible paddle shaped lamination of mahogany "subflooring" plywood, barely even glued into the body properly - I would think your guitar may also be an "Excetro"... I wonder though, about the difference in appearance with the tail piece, but the bridge on your guitar is exactly what is under the cover on this bass, stamped steel with the springs and screws on the neck end rather than the tail piece end. I can't tell from the photo on your site, but the bass has very large thumb-wheels for the height adjustment, maybe the guitar's are smaller. This bass is Extra Cheesy!

Best regards,
Robert S. Arnold
Communications and Information Technology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Noname Rick Guitar 1 - Jet's "noname rick"

Guitar 2 - Excetro bass

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