Noname Musima semi - acoustic guitar

I was told it's a Musima. I couldn't find a brand name on it but the decoration of the head plate I have seen on old Musimas before. I payed ~15$ for it because it was broken. I repaired it and now I have a nice little instrument I can carry with me to every outdoor event. It has a warm sound and is the right guitar for play together with a double bass. The pickup is not original - it's a very simple german Hopf pickup made in the 50ies. The neck is not steel reinforced and is very thick. The body is made of very cheap wood but the instrument is properly made. It's good for strumming chords (these kind of guitars called 'Schlaggitarre' in the 50ies) but you will break your fingers by trying to play fast jazz licks.

The most interesting thing about this guitar seems to be a "fretless" part of the neck. The guitar owner did not mention what is it about
- chessy guitars

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