Custom guitar, made by Georg Hirsch from Senftenberg.

This instrument spent a couple of years on our site as an "unidentified violin-shaped guitar". At last we know what it is. This Instrument is built by the formerly locally better known luthier Georg Hirsch from Senftenberg (as the misread label already says). Senftenberg is in the German region Lausitz near Berlin and part of the former DDR.

Hirsch is said to have built more often mandolins, other instruments only on demand, and you can find some of them (mandolins) once in a while on ebay. The Instrument we're talking about is a sort of custom made prototype and it is pretty rare.

Identification credits:
Uli from Euskirchen/Germany

More violins:
Orfeus violin bass (Bulgary)
Defil Julia 1 (Poland)
Defil Julia 2 (Poland)
Defil Romeo bass (Poland)

The owner's description:

Hello I own now for some years a violin shaped guitar, probably made in the DDR or maybe somewhere else behid the Iron Curtain. There is no name on except a sticker on the back of the headstock wich says Georg Kirsch / Hirsch (difficult to read these German letters) Senftenberg.
It's a looker only not a player, the action is high and the neck is slightly bend. It's still playable but it's hard work, the tonal circuit surprized me there are two pu's so 3 positions, no there are 4 positions on one position it sounds like a bass.
Bought it for 120 euro in it's original case on a fleamarket, it's one of the jewels of my collection.
Maybe you can tell me what's the maker of this guitar.
I own more cheesy guitars but they all are japanese or dutch, and one from red china if I'm right.
- here you can see all my guitars

greetings Wietse

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