Jolana Proxima guitar

Proxima, Proxima I guitar and Proxima L longscale bass were produced by Jolana in the 80's. It was one of the last Jolana models (the company closed in the beginning of the 90's). Proximas were made at Krnov factory.

PROXIMA is basically the same as a popular GALAXIS but without a pickguard. It has two humbuckers, 21 frets, tone and volume controls and passive electronics.

Neck pickup gives powerfull sound with lots of low frequencies, which is good for melodies and simple arpegios. The bridge pu produces sharp sound useable for classic rock music of the 80's Both pickups together sound good for funk music with boost in mid freq.

This Proxima looks very good for a 22 years old with only two scratches and the guitar is stock except for the input jack replaced with a plastic one.

Anton Pshemetsky
ICQ 202812030

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