Jolana RK bass

RK was the last bass made under Jolana name. It was produced in Krnov, together with RK-140 guitar in the late 80's and in the beginning of the 90's. The instrument dates 1991, serial number 0356. The design copies NS Stuart Spector, including the neck-through feature. The pickups' scheme is PJ-type with passive electronics, controls feature balance, two tones and master volume. Body material is ash and the 34" neck is walnut/maple with ebony fretboard. All hardware is original Jolana production. A perfect ergonomic high-wrought body design, medium-quality bridge and average mechanics. Fingerboard is 24 frets or fretless.

This instrument appeared on ebay.de in summer 2005 and went for more than 100 Euro. The company was closed somewhere in the beginning of the 90's, so this particular bass might be one of the last instruments that left the Jolana factory.

ebay.de seller: roterbembel

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