Jolana Graziela special II

Graziela special II is a hollowbody guitar manufactured by Jolana since 1970. Graziela was very similar to Tornado - the first Jolana's semihollow ES-335 - style guitar which was an immediate success after its' relese in 1963. Tornado and Graziela had both nearly the same body and four-bolt-on necks with rosewood or ebony fingerboards. Tornado had three single coils and Graziela had one or two. Pay attention to the Tornado-style tailpiece, headstock and other details. A long list of Tornado-like models include Jolana Alexandra, Jolana Special, Jolana Rubin, Jolana Studio, and several others. They all feature ES-335 - shaped body with all sorts of hardware modifications.

The guitar was recently spotted on ebay.de with 1 Euro starting bid and by the time this page was set up there already were 12 bidders and the price was 126 Euros!

ebay.de seller: roryguitar
Jiri Tutter (some info is taken from his article "Czechoslovak guitar").

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