Jolana Diamant electric bass, made in Czechoslovakia

I had a chance to play this creature only once. Its' construction is similar to shortscale Les Paul. By the way, [fretted] shortscale Gibson LP basses are also a very tricky thing. You can get a cool vintage sound with flatwounds, with muted highs and sustained low-mids, but it won't play heavy metal or funk. No slapping.
Diamant bass is, for sure, a pretty soundless insrument. The shortscale construction don't produce too many lows, and original Jolana pickups reproduce dull mids only. I've heard a band where bassist used this bass live - it sounded like an old shoe. A muted, midrangey sound. It can help a lot when shooting a video with breaking guitars. It will also work in a beginners' school band. If you still want to buy one - don't pay more than $50!

Jolana Diamant bass Jolana Diamant bass
made in Czechoslovakia
body : Les Paul shape, unknown but very heavy wood
neck: bolt-on, rosewood fingerboard, rectangular inlay, 20 frets
pickups: two passive Jolana's
hardware: chrome
controls: volume and tone
binding: neck, body
Jan, Prague
Jaroslav Hol?sek
Czech republik
B?eclav city

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