Jolana Proxima L bass

Proxima, Proxima I guitar and Proxima L longscale bass were produced by Jolana in the 80's. It was one of the last Jolana models (the company closed in 1989). In the 80's Jolana mainly made classic designs' copies rather than original stuff. Proximas were made at Krnov factory.

Proxima L is basically a Precision-type bass with one P-type pickup. The standard bass bridge is typical to many of Jolana's 80's models, s.a. Disco, and it likes to break strings. Another feature found only on late Jolana production is that the tuners are not typical Jolana's but rather something Fender-like. Jolana story has no happy ending: a company started with revolutional design of Futurama/Gracioso, gradualy decreased the products' quality and ended up making low-cost Fender and Gibson clones.

Jaroslav Hol?sek
Czech republik
B?eclav city

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