1955 Resonet Arioso lapsteel

Resonet Arioso is the second lapsteel guitar produced in Czechoslovakia (the first was Resonet Akord). The Resonet factory „Drevotvar" in Blatna (south Bohemia) produced those lapsteel guitars even before the infamous Grazioso/Futurama.

This Resonet Arioso is built with two massive wooden blocks glued together. The protective plate over the pu is made of plastic (or can be plexi, although I doubt if in those days plexi was available??). The fretboard is also made of plastic, but it's not flat so the black markers are NOT at the same level with the rest of the fretboard (- 1 mm). The serial number on the guitar is 0222, which probably means nothing. 1955 was the first production year of Arioso.

The pickup protective plate is hold by a screw with...yes, a screwdriver end!!! No jack or DIN output : just two banana black & green plugs.


This guitar comes from
"Lordbizarre's electric guitar and amp museum"
Rock! electric guitar and amplifier repair
Leuven, Belgium, Europe.

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