Resonet Akord lap steel

The history of Electric guitars' production in Czechoslavakia begun in 1953, when the Rezonet factory in Blatne started working under the new management of Mr. Josef Ruzicka. Back then, Resonet was a part of Drevokov cooperative, which means "Woodmetal" (døevo = wood, kov = metal). The company was making all sorts of wooden goods, including furniture.

Under the management of Mr. Josef Ruzicka Resonet started making electric guitars. The first Czech electric guitar was lap steel Resonet Akord (chord). Designed by mr. Vlcek, it came into prduction in 1954.

For more information on history of guitar production in Czechoslovakia please read this article.

first Czechoslovakian electric guitar

Information and the guitar's picture were taken from http://home.tiscali.cz:8080/~cz376062/kniha.html

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