Resonet Gracioso (Futurama) electric guitar

First of all, if you're interested in Futurama guitar, read a (full) Futurama guitar story located here.

For a long time we avoided putting Gracioso/Futurama guitar on our site - it's not some cheap'n'cheesy instrument, but a respectful vintage guitar. The reason we finally arranged this page is because it was the first (and the best!) solidbody guitar made in Czechoslovakia and if you want to understand the history, it is a very important landmark.

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Gracioso successors:

1959-1963 Star III (Futurama III)
Star (Futurama II)
post-1963 Star III (Futurama III)
Jolana Star 5
Jolana Star 7

The history of Electric guitars' production in Czechoslavakia begun in 1953, when the Rezonet factory in Blatne started working under the new management of Mr. Josef Ruzicka. Back then, Resonet was a part of Drevokov cooperative, which means "wood metal". The company was making all sorts of wooden goods, including furniture.

By 1955 first solidbody Teles and Strats were already taking the market over the ocean, so it was about time to consider a solidbody electric "spanish" guitar. The guitar, called Graciozo, was based on Fender Stratocaster which they brought to Resonet in 1955. Instead of copying the Stratocaster, Rezonet designer mr. Vlcek based his guitar on Leo Fender's ideas, upgraded tremolo system and wiring. The silhouette of the new guitar was also different from Strat.

Graciozo was an immediate success - and not only in Czechoslovakia. The export of Gracioso started somewhere in 1957/58, when Selmer company commenced the import of the guitar under the new name of Futurama (at the very beginning the imported guitars still had the "Gracioso" name, but it was soon changed to "Futurama"). It was before the American instruments flooded the European market, so at the time everyone in Europe and Great Britain played a Futurama. The list of Resonet Graciozo owners included George Harrison, Jimmy Page and many others - that's the main reason for the late popularity of this instrument on the vintage guitar market.

The first model was called simply "Futurama" and it was made untill 1959. Futurama (1) was the only guitar made at Resonet factory, all the later modifications were produced at different location (Hradec Kralove). Later Futurama modifications were called "Star" in Czechoslovakia.

Resonet Gracioso/Futurama Specifications:
Body: beech or maple.
Neck: maple.
Tuners: three on each side.
Electronics: three single coils, master volume and tone, "piano" switches for each pickup (on/off).
Tremolo: original construction, individual bridge saddle adjustment and rear mounted springs acting on each string (without the ashtray cover it looked more like a Floyd-Rose!).
Output jack: top-mounted, Strat style.

This pair of guitars is owned by Dusan Palka. On the left you see the original Resonet Gracioso, on the right - Futurama III (produced about 1959-1962).

1958 Resonet Gracioso body closeup (with "Resonet" logo).

Dusan Palka,
Michael (Czech republic),
Vitautas Kratas,
and the creators of the "Futurama Story" page.

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