Jolana galaxis bass

80's Jolana Galaxis bass. Made in Krnov, Czechoslovakia since 1980. The red finish was avaliable since 1982. This bass was spotted on ebay with a minimum $99 bid. The pickups, tuners, finish, pickguard, neckplate and woods are similar to those found on Jolana Disco bass and several other 80's Jolana basses.

Galaxis is not a rare instrument and many of them are still alive. Here's a brilliant letter about the bass we've got from Roger Waters (at least that's the name it appeared with in our inbox):

Dear sir,
I am Reza Babaei Pour and living in Iran right now. I visited your site and founded that my bass guitar is one of your products, it is great, I have a digital home recording studio and this bass has great sound. Its my favorite instrument. It has a serial number of 5 digits but the first and the second ones are not clear to read ( * * 616) or maybe its not an english font, i dont know exactly, kindly answer me if you know the year of built or something else. Thank you very very much,

sicerely yours,

Studio 1525 (the ebay seller),
Roger Waters (Mr.Reza Babaei Pour).
Jolana Galaxis bass

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