1971 Jolana Tornado electric guitar, made in Czechoslovakia

In 1963 Jolana produced its' first semihollow guitar, called Tornado. The guitars were made at the new Neoton plant at Hradec Kralove. The guitar had an immediate success and was followed by numerous modifications. The first was Graziela. Tornado and Graziela had both nearly the same body with four-bolt-on necks with rosewood or ebony fingerboards. Tornado had three single coils and Graziela had one or two. Tornado usualy had a bigsby-like tremolo system.
A couple of years lated even more semihollow models were made - Jolana Alexandra, Jolana Special, Jolana Rubin, Jolana Studio, and several others. all of them had similar construction and body shape, the differencies were in the hardware, headstock shapes and logos. Tornados were produced during the 60's and the 70's, alongside with other semihollow models.


<- This is Jolana Tornado refinished black, with all the pickups replaced - humbucker on the neck position etc.
There's a string damping device between the bridge and bridge pickup, which is missing on the red guitar. All Jolanas with the same bridge had the damper, which was a short living trend in the 60's - influenced by surf and country picking techniques. Even the early Fender Jaguars had it. It consists of a curved steel plate with a piece of resin glued to it. When you raise the plate it touches the strings and partly mutes them. The similar effect can be acieved by palm-muting the strings with your right hand.

Dusan Palka,
Michael Prokofiev

Jolana Tornado electric guitar

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