Jolana Alexandra

Alexandra's production in Horovice, Czechoslovakia, begun in 1964 together with Alexis I and Alexis II basses and a twelve-string version. It has bolt-on neck with rosewood bound fingerboard, three-ply-body bound on both sides with two f-holes and three single-coil pickups, two volume and two tone controls, master volume control and rotating pickup selector. The only available color was sunburst, so if you see natural or black Alexandra - it's not original.

The story tells that first Alexandras' body shape was exact Gibson copy (ES335) and Gibson was not satisfied with that (seems like every couple of years Gibson finds another lawsuit victim that copies its' designs better than allowed making free promotion for that "poor" copier). Jolana had to modify the shape of the guitar to get rid of the Gibson's protest. I think it's the only case a guitar made in the communist camp gathered some sort of attention from over the ocean.

It is also said first Alexandras (for some unknown reason) had no stamped serial number, only a haddwritten number on the neck heel, but pretty soon the stamped serials were back on the dark side of the headstocks. All the rest of Jolana guitars have stamped serials on their necks.

Jolana Alexandra is one of the best Jolanas ever made and it's also rare. Prices may vary but original guitar will not go for less than $500. It was very popular in the 60's but soon it was replaced by lower quality semihollow guitars like Studio, Rubin etc.

Ramin (the owner)
Dusan Palka
Jiri Tutter

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