Jolana Pampero

Introduced in 1965, Pampero was a bass verison of the popular Tornado guitar. Important to mention that Tornado came out in 1963, two years earlier, and introduction of Pampero was probably due to the Tornado's success. Jiri Tutter states it had three modifications (probably with different pickups' configurations/quantities). In the end of the 60's Pampero was "improved" - the tuning mechanics were changed to a type found on Alexis bass, which actually was worse than the original Pampero tuners. Those tuners were later placed on most of Jolana basses. No "II" was added to the name of the bass (several Jolana models were "upgraded" in the end of the 60's and "II" was added to the model's name). The bass shown here features the late tuning machines and was probably made after 1968.

Credits: Vrá»a from Prague.

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