1959-1962 Futurama III

Futurama/Star family:

Resonet Gracioso (Futurama)
Star (Futurama II)
post-1963 Star III (Futurama III)
Jolana Star 5
Jolana Star 7

Futurama III was made at Hradec Kralove in 1959-1962, when the original makers of the Futurama guitar moved to a new place. Futurama (I) was made at Resonet factory in Blatne, with Resonet being a part of Drevokov cooperative. In 1959 the guitar production was transferred to Hradec Kralove, and became a part of CSHN - Czechoslovak Music Instruments company (instead of Drevokov). The production at Blatne came to a halt.

The new Futurama III looked pretty similar to Futurama, but a closer inspection reveals a number of upgrades:
- "rosewood" fingerboard (actually, a stained beech),
- side-mounted output jack (instead of top-mounted Strat-type on Futurama) and
- different tremolo construction.

The name of the guitar in Czechoslovakia was Star III (unfortunately, we don't have pictures of Star III).

If you're interested in Futurama guitar, read a (full) Futurama guitar story located here.

For a long time we avoided putting Gracioso/Futurama guitar on our site - it's not some cheap'n'cheesy instrument, but a respectful vintage guitar. The reason we finally arranged this page is because it was the first (and the best!) solidbody guitar made in Czechoslovakia and if you want to understand the history, it is a very important landmark.




Dusan Palka,
Vitautas Kratas,
and the creators of the "Futurama Story" page.

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