1963 Futurama III

Futurama/Star family:

Resonet Gracioso (Futurama)
1959-62 Star III (Futurama III)
Star (Futurama II)
Jolana Star V
Jolana Star VII

A 1963 Futurama III (made at Hradec Kralove, Czechoslovakia) was a little different from the model with the same name produced until 1962. At first glance, it looks almost the same, but several details had been changed. The pickguard is smaller and made from different material, the headstock shape had become pointed in shape, the pickups had different construction and the body contouring had been changed as well. Different color (red) was also a departure from the original sunburst scheme of export Futuramas, but in Czechoslovakia several colors of Gracioso/Star were avaliable from the very beginning (red and black).

But, apart from cosmetical changes, the guitar played different. It is reported as "a first big upset" in the Futurama line. Since 1963, the quality of Czechoslovakian guitars went lower and lower. The change was so dramatic that pretty soon the Selmer company, which imported the guitars to Great Britain, switched to Swedish Hagstrom - and starting from 1964 Futuramas were made at Hagstrom.

Futurama III bridge construction closeup - no, it's not a Floyd Rose!

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